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The Hayes lab group focuses on advanced biomaterials engineering for applications ranging from regenerative medicine to lab-on-a-chip technologies. The research efforts in these areas are materials centered with an emphasis on nanomaterials, macromolecules and composite structures. Current focal areas include orthopedic materials, drug delivery, drug formulation and in-vivo diagnostics.

Ongoing efforts in the lab include the development of targeted antimicrobial-diagnostic nanomaterials, osteogenic absorbable materials for the repair of bone defects (Bone Foam), light activated nanoparticle based microRNA delivery systems and the engineering of a synthetic ACL graft. More details on these projects can be found in the student research pages or in the publications section.

Please have a look around! We invite you to meet our group, learn about our research, and contact us.

Dr. Hayes has been awarded a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation!
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